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About THINK was created to foster a more progressive credit union movement.

No longer just an annual event, THINK is a year-round experience dedicated to knowledge leadership, creativity and innovation for credit unions.

The THINK Conference was created to foster a more progressive credit union movement, by bringing together visionary leaders from throughout the business world to share their diverse viewpoints and strategies for success. Out of this enthusiastic cultural evolution, the THINK brand has emerged. Click to Download a THINK 12 recap.

The credit union movement is constantly changing, and with that transformation comes great opportunity. The THINK Prize exemplifies that opportunity, as we're challenging individuals to help architect the future of the credit union movement. You hold the keys to shaping what lies ahead, and as such, empowerment will be a central theme of the THINK brand.

THINK Basics

THINK Conference

Yearly event created to excite, energize and inspire new ways of thinking. View Details


Rewards one individual’s vision for a brighter credit union movement. View Details

THINK Magazine

Quarterly publication dedicated to the latest credit union news and info. View Details